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Get your Most Wanted Nepenthes

The Carnivorous Plants Garden Online Shop is offering you the opportunity to buy these plants at a lower price that will be offered for sale later in the future.

These plants are beautiful and very healthy. For those who have already purchased my plants in the past, certainly knows what I'm talking about. Do not waste more time thinking, get it before it runs out.

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Liquid Food offer
Special Offer

With any Nepenthes order with 3 or more Plants, you will receive my Liquid Food Solution specialy made for carnivorous plants. This solution is 100% Organic and will increase growth on your carnivorous plants.

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How it works

This Pre-Sale offer is valid for European Union Only.

The Plants are sold under Pre-Sale Agreement (+). You will benefit with price promotion and Plants will be ready for deliver in May only and not before.

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Species Available in Pre-Sale

Nepenthes Spectabilis (Sibuatan) (+)
Nepenthes Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana (+)
Nepenthes Truncata (+)
Nepenthes Ampullaria Bau Green (+)
Nepenthes Campanulata x Ventricosa (+)
Nepenthes Rafflesiana (Kuching squat Red) (+)
Nepenthes Rafflesiana (Sandakan) (+)
Nepenthes Bicalcarata (Sri Aman) (+)
Nepenthes Gracilima (+)
Nepenthes Ventricosa (Black Peristome) (+)
Nepenthes Madagascariensis (+)
Nepenthes 'Konak' - (Albomarginata x Veitchii) (+)
Nepenthes Mirabilis (+)
Nepenthes Hirsuta (+)

All plants are medium sized. Do not buy small and tiny unrooted cuttings at higher prices, buy Real and well stablished Nepenthes Plants Grown from Seed.

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" Fair prices, good packaging and fast shipping with nice plants (Nepenthes)"
Phil - Germany


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